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  • company executives issued a document online slander others

    According to the court's investigation, Hainan Hainan Kai Li baby's due and the borrower disputes the company's case, against Hainan Provincial High Court in civil judgments, appeal to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court directive review the case of Hainan Province High Court for retrial. Thus, in the case of the implementation issues, Hainan Hainan Kai Li's baby with serious differences.

    2009 年 7 31, when the baby's legal representative of Hainan Bian Hong Deng blog post published online in Phoenix - illegal operations in a building,salvatore ferragamo boots, suggesting Hainan Kai Li's huge bribery of judges, and in the same year on August 4,Jimmy Choo Sale, respectively, in the horizon, Sina, CDC, CCTV network publishes the same blog. The post was published, read and keep abreast of a large number of Internet users click on comments.

    August 3, the same year, Internet users, Bian Hong Deng Wen said the network is a liar. The post was published, also attracted a large number of Internet users keep abreast of. On the same day, there are Internet users,

    keep abreast of Internet users totaled 10,000 people

    Bian Hong Deng that the network called David Kay's legal representative sign of life style, moral and other aspects of character attacks, slander, said health workers and others having an affair, is another mistress, a liar and so on. Subsequently,Christian Louboutin Slingback, the

    later, Bian Hong Deng published many articles on the Internet continue to blog post, suggesting Wei Kai Zheng Wang Youliang incitement to assassination, and a magazine quoted David Kay reported that the contents of the levy to evade responsibility for libel, slander Wei forged official documents , note the use of sex cheat officials approved the use of bribery to get the company's market index, ganging up with others into a mistress, and so on. Bian Hong Deng for the post of the post, Bian Hong Deng published since the above blog post, the amount of Internet users read more than 100 million cumulative effect, Internet users keep abreast of commentary totaled 10,000 passengers.

    Court of First Instance found the accused guilty of libel

    2009 October, Bian Hong Deng Wei complained to the court's actions constitute defamation. In December, the defendant counterclaimed Bian Hong Deng, Wei called for the prosecution constituted the crime of defamation and false accusation of criminal liability.

    Court noted, Bian Hong Deng because of dissatisfaction with the other party in civil disputes, in line with the other party the judge implied Posts collusion huge bribery of judges, and response, continue fabricating fraudulent health officials approved the use of beauty strips and other false facts, published online in more than thirty posts, and Bian Hong Deng in a speech to the Beijingmoubao when content is also related to the false facts. The court held that his behavior constituted a libel.

    Bian Hong Deng's counterclaim for the court upon examination that, Bian Hong Deng could not confirm the evidence provided by the network called constitute defamation insufficient evidence, the complaint charges can not be established. June 27, the Court of First Instance sentenced the accused guilty of libel Bian Hong Deng, sentenced to one year imprisonment, suspended for two years. After the first trial verdict, Bian Hong Deng and Wei Zheng Kai are pleaded, would appeal.


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