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    Recently, a Post said, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, a female secretary in the two years of sexual abuse by the boss 30 times, police secretary, but the final choice will not be accepted. Police not to file an appeal against the decision, so the network for public support.

    vulnerable people, the police are not on file, together with pornographic elements, all of which immediately aroused the enthusiasm of users --- just two days, this post page views up to nearly 10 million times, with Posts are more than 2000 articles, users who have accused the boss, secretary of the criticism, there are not placed on the public security challenge.

    3 25 evening 17:58, informant Wu Moujuan call the police, saying that starting from December 2008 to March 21, 2010, has long been boss Zhang Mouhua rape. Then after the case, the coastal police station duty police immediately rushed to the informant drove to pick Wumou Juan location to the police station for questioning, and produced by the case record, and subject to criminal cases issued by the registration form, accept the case and conduct investigations.

    21 o'clock that night, Longwan Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police station received a notice, immediately rushed to the coastal police station for investigation. 22 am, police criminal investigation unit to the alarm of the Wu Moujuan boyfriend with the same Li Gang (a pseudonym) was questioned, and produced a record of inquiry.

    3 26 morning 8 am,Yves Saint Laurent, police will be Zhang Mouhua Longwan Public Security Bureau police station were brought to the inquiry, and produced a record of inquiry.

    secretary himself is not subject to violent intimidation

    inquiry, according to police transcripts, Wu Moujuan in for questioning, said she was on March 16, 2008 to Zhe Jiang Tianjing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to work. About six months later, in late August 2008, one day, the chairman Zhang Mouhua called her own office, in the office of her sexual harassment, but did not have sexual relations.

    month later, Zhang Mouhua to pull the men's room of her office and place of the first sexual relationship. Wu Moujuan said at the time he did not call for help, but said quietly,

    Wumou Juan said, from the first sexual relationship occurred after the year has been six months, during which there were two thirty times the two sexual relations. Since sex has been two years, Wu Moujuan has not been reported, and no other people inside the company say this, including work with the company's boyfriend Li Gang, have been kept confidential.

    2008 year-end, Zhang Mouhua to the Wu Moujuan 2,000 yuan. Wumou Juan was not close, said,

    Wumou Juan said, one day in February 2010, she Zhangmou Hua and Zhang Mouhua bedroom office last sexual relationship, not beaten, or coercion, sexual relations during their also used mobile phones to take pictures.

    police in the inquiry process, the police had explicitly asked the informant Wu Moujuan in sexual relations with Zhangmou Hua, Zhang Mouhua whether their use of violence or coercion, the informant Wu Juan did not have a say.

    police report on the accompanying Wumou Juan Li Gang's boyfriend was questioned and also produced a record of inquiry. After investigation, Li Gang and Wu Moujuan two lines with the students after graduation candidates to Zhang Mouhua companies work together, and the relationship between two friends of both sexes have been living together ever since. For Wumou Juan Zhang Mouhua sexual relations with things, do not know two years, Li Gang, Wu Moujuan did not tell him. Additionally, said Li Gang, August 2008, one day, he said, was Zhangmou Hua Wu Moujuan of sexual harassment, and said he was resigned to the Wu Moujuan forget, but Wu Moujuan not agreed to resign.

    accused person not to take coercive measures

    3 月 26 at 8 pm, will Zhangmou Hua Longwan Public Security Bureau police station for questioning and brought to the production of the record of inquiry.

    Zhang Mouhua statements in the transcript, he and Wu Moujuan sexual relations occurred several times, saying each time the process of Wu Moujuan sexual relations are voluntary, he did not Wumou Juan used assault or coercion to control, Wu Moujuan theosophy is awake.

    Zhangmou Hua also said that in late March 2010, one day, his cousin Zhang Qi and Wu Moujuan certain to get his two intimate photos. Zhang Mouhua very angry to see the photos, put Wumou Juan called the office to ask her

    Zhangmou Hua said he and Wu Moujuan two years many things have sexual relations, the company of other people do not know.

    Police Comments, Other people talk about before, others are unaware of the company, taking into account starting from the protection of privacy of the parties, the police believe that there is no need for others to understand the situation back to the company.

    combined statements of both parties and a statement of Li Gang, Longwan Public Security Bureau that Wumou Juan Zhang Mouhua rape charge was the fact that is not true, do not meet the filing criteria, the following main reasons:

    First,Christian Louboutin Bags, after investigation, the parties are basically the same statement.

    Second, the combination of an alarm situation, Wu Moujuan not reported immediately. From September 2008 to March 2010 25, an interval of up to one year for six months, during which time there were two Wumou Juan and Zhang Mouhua thirtieth sexual relations, sexual relations each After Wu Moujuan have enough time to report, but did not report. Moreover, Wu Moujuan after sexual relations with Zhang Mouhua, in the absence of any control by others, under the premise has not chosen to leave Zhangmou Hua companies, but also left at the company for two years.

    police explained that under the . The objective must be violence, coercion or other means, so that women are not resistance,yves saint laurent boots, not against, I do not know the state or against the use of women in the know, can not resist the opportunity to implement state of the behavior of adultery. In that case, Zhang Mouhua sexual relations with Wu Moujuan course, does not use violence, coercion, intimidation and other means, nor the use of positions of subordination in order to increase their wages, relative to induce or enhance the position work by means of the threat of dismissal of rape.

    police said, the public security organs from Wu Moujuan photo provided does not reflect Zhang Mouhua its violence or coercion. Two in the process of sexual relations, the victim is no obvious resistance. In the present environment in the robbery case, the location within the company, and the times are around four o'clock in the afternoon, part of the company working hours, in such circumstances, Wu Moujuan is perfectly placed to call for help rather than call for help, also failed to take effective way against Zhang Mouhua behavior.

    In addition, the photographs provided from Wu Moujuan reflect Wumou Juan can have sex with Zhang Mouhua can calmly take pictures with their phones, rather than take the phone to call the police. Police believe that in this case, Wu Moujuan can easily take measures to protect themselves, but did not take any measures to resist, but a sexual relationship with Zhang Mouhua.

    Police believe the above things through, Wu Moujuan subjective does not exist at that time will be limited to the case.

    3 26 afternoon 16 pm, Longwan Public Security Bureau told Wu Moujuan decision will not be placed on the informant Wumou Juan mentioned companies for the transfer of evidence surveillance video and backup, At the same time told the informant is not satisfied with the decision not to file a public security organ, can not file a notice of receipt within seven days from the Council for reconsideration, or to apply to the District People's Procuratorate Longwan filing supervision. Wu Moujuan received not to file a notice refuses to sign, and refused to receive notice shall not be placed on file.

    Legal Daily, April 7, Wenzhou, Xinhua


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