Drunk driver sentenced to death continued Zhouzhe

  • Yesterday was the Chengdu Intermediate People's Court of First Instance of the Sun Weiming case to a death sentence after the first 4 days, with the first trial lawyer Shi Junying Sun Weiming,Coach Outlet, Chen met for the first time after the verdict, while officially commissioned the two to act as its second trial defense counsel .

    prison messenger

    custody of the detention center with a meeting to determine the Sun Weiming case of the second trial attorney on the petition candidates, and added content.

    still relatively optimistic. But the Court has handed down just four days, Sun Weiming like a different person, obviously under tremendous stress. In addition to the biggest change is his legs more than between a pair of shackles.

    , buzzing ringing,coach outlet store online, and then answer the judge is completely subconsciously The next few days, has not stopped Sun Weiming thoughts too, fear, regret, repeatedly tortured him.

    In a formal commission Shijun Ying, Chen Hong as the second trial, after defense counsel,coach handbags, Sun Weiming, suggested that

    father replied

    . Shi lawyer said the situation truthfully to the Sun Lin, Sun Lin could not help tears.

    After the two sides have agreed, to this reporter read the letter. >

    Sun Lin told reporters that he give his son to convey confidence,coach outlet online store, convinced that the law is fair.

    attitude of the victims' families

    amount of the claim is quite reasonable

    2 pm yesterday, reporters and on behalf of the son of Han Sijie Yuxiu similar meeting. Hansi Jie told reporters before the first trial, Sun Weiming twice to give them three from the detention center sent a letter of apology.

    Hansi Jie said: quite reasonable. Although we issue a letter of understanding that is paid depends on the results,coach outlet online, but not that he did not pay enough money, we will write to the court to punish. p> Shi lawyer told reporters that in the complaint, they still insist on Sun Weiming, should be punished according to the Crime,

    of the crime of endangering public safety, although did not cause the same serious consequences as the Sun Weiming, is an attempt to commit, should be sentenced. Sun Weiming defense

    yesterday, The second trial he was willing to help Sun Weiming, criminal defense agency, agency fees can be charged only nominal. Reporters will pass this situation to the Sun Lin, he expressed gratitude for care lawyers, and it will consider it seriously. Cheng Pu Zheng Yuan Zheng correspondent reported