Women wear high heels on a false limb disability c

  • Metropolis Daily News ( Reporters seeking correspondent Wang Jingjing Hu Yong Feng Dapeng LIU Shi- yu He Lijuan intern ) was moving crooked brains , spend tens of dollars to be a disabled bus permit special rub . Yesterday, the Wuhan Public Transport Group ,Coach Outlet, said less than a month , only 724 road on the seizure of nearly 100 false .

    724 Road drivers Wang Xiaozhi said ,coach outlet store online, there are trendy girls wear high heels ,coach handbags, to the As a rule,coach outlet online, people with disabilities with disability certificate , two documents with disabilities free bus pass to travel free . Wuhan currently no evidence of disability anti-counterfeit labels , the bus is not set to disabled permit identification equipment ,coach outlet online store, and experience the naked eye alone to judge the driver also prone to disputes.

    Wuhan Public Transport Group, responsible person, present, contact the relevant departments are electronic certificates of persons with disabilities .

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