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Extra Features & Tools
  • Personalize Profile URL
  • Rich Business Overview
  • Post Announcement
  • Location Map
  • Contact Us Form
  • Custom Profile Styles

For more details, please contact us. This is our standard free for basic limited listing that never expired. It enable all extra features for testing purposes. Testing only.


Custom Fonts
Kindle Keyboard 3G uses hand-built, custom fonts and font-hinting to make words and letters more crisp, clear, and natural-looking. Font hints are instructions, written as code, that control points on a font character's line, improving legibility at small font sizes where few pixels are available. Hinting is a mix of aesthetic judgments and complicated technical strategies. We've designed our proprietary font-hinting to optimize specifically for the special characteristics of electronic ink.

Fast Page Turns
Kindle Keyboard 3G has fast page turns. We’ve done this by fine-tuning Kindle Keyboard’s proprietary waveform, the series of electronic pulses that move black and white electronic ink particles to achieve an optimal display of images and text.

Full Image Zoom
Images and photos display crisply on Kindle and can be zoomed to the full size of the screen.

Support for Non-Latin Characters
Kindle Keyboard 3G supports the display of non-Latin characters, so you can read books and documents in the translation that’s right for you. Kindle Keyboard 3G displays Cyrillic (such as Russian), Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean characters, in addition to Latin and Greek scripts.

Rotate Between Portrait and Landscape Mode
Manually rotate the display from portrait to landscape to view maps, graphs, tables and Web pages.