Started when I was with a few buddies

  • I also remember when I made my first username in my fathers house. We were sitting there trying to think about an immature username once we found that"neat magnet" was available. Likely a helpless story for many of you, however it is one of the reasons I still play. Ever since then I've played on and off, but appear to randomly get drawn back. I've thought constantly about quitting as I feel myself grow from runescape and not feel motivated, but I feel as if I owe it to myself to runescape gold 2007 finish my goals.

    Edit: I thought that I might add somewhat. I'd always go over my limit and I was limited to 1 hour of computer/tv time and my sisters would get mad at me. I first convinced my mother to buy me a month of membership following years of cluelessly enjoying f2p when we had been at the beach and I assured her I would do something for her summer (probably chores). I remember being really excited and happy and of course wasted the month since I was a total noob. Also me and my brother went to see fireworks on the shore on Fourth of July as children and I recall splashing"water charms" on each other outside on the water.

    Started when I was with a few buddies who put me to it like 8, playing in elementary school. Recall doing back the Easter mini quest for days in 05/06 and killing goblins. Don't know wtf I am doing as I got back in to it. Having fun skilling because I have. The images were shitty, the area was crowded with noobs creating fires and cutting trees, there were trolls and spiders going around, I couldn't inform wtf went on, it was all complete chaos to me.

    I remember stopping there and peaceful and to wizards tower I ended up at the bridge after a few random clicks it felt. Because the shit graphics and draw distancewas the bridge and the water round it. It was the songs, me, and this bridge which looked like it may go on indefinitely. I helped spread it to anyone across the school. I remember there being no fight amounts visible unless you're in how to make money on runescape old school the wildy.. When you began you and can select classes.



Does it look like a scam?