The Live Ops team also utilized Yak Track

  • The Live Ops team also utilized Yak Track as an opportunity to buy runescape 3 gold launch an experimental update to Treasure Hunter that allow runescape players see the content of some loot boxes before purchasing them. Casey explained it as"a new feature that's much more transparent, in which runescape players can still utilize their everyday keys should they wish to and they can still earn the same type of rewards, but it's a much more open system that increases the amount of runescape player control and choice", and insists there is"still an amount of randomisation in the prizes selected around themthen in the event that you use a key, you'll get one of the prizes randomly, but you are going to have the ability to see exactly what they may be, so in the event that you see something that you really want, you'll be able to go after it and get it".

    While this new features does give runescape gamers an additional advantage when utilizing Treasure Hunter, there'll always be voices within the community that call for the removal of the loot box system entirely. It's highly unlikely, but that Jagex will pull Treasure Hunter from RuneScape due to the revenue it provides. What Casey did tell Eurogamer though is that the Live Ops team plans to run a number of tests during 2020 to help"find the ideal balance and the ideal sort of mechanisms" as a part of their devotion to"evolving our model, moving from a typical loot crate system".

    Aside from monetisation, yet another issue that plagued RuneScape during the summer and early autumn months of 2019 was a lack of content. This season, only 3 quests were released, and the planned Weapon Diversity update was unfortunately cancelled.

    Weapon Diversity was a modernisation project in a similar vein to the Mining and Smithing rework, which was published at the beginning of 2019. I am glad I'm part of a game that determined,'No, we are going to cancel that.' Rather than simply say we've put so much effort and how to buy gold on runescape sunk price into this we want to launch it."



Does it look like a scam?