Take or you can either run into Slepe one of the quick methods

  • Take or you can either run into Slepe one of the quick methods to OSRS gold get there: Teleport to Ver Sinhaza with a Drakan's Medallian conduct into Slepe. Andras is located to the north of Ectofuntus.

    Even though there are no requirements (besides access to Morytania), having all combat stats over degree 85 is recommended so you don't get decimated in one hit. We would also recommend as you'll need security prayers to mitigate the damage you have a high Prayer level. Obviously, having level equipment that is decent is important. So don't let it put you off if you want to try, you may well get by without all of this however.

    Once in the fight, there are a variety of special and routine attacks that you ought to watch out for so they can be successfully mitigated by you. Attacks are interfering with the ideal prayers, which greatly lessen though attacks will call for a different strategy.

    Here's how to spot the typical attacks. Melee: The Nightmare will fling her arms behind her head and hit a nearby player facing here.So here is the deal: seasoned players advocate keeping Protect from Magic up constantly in the fight and switching to Protect from Missiles the moment The Nightmare begins flinging a Ranged attack before switching back.

    Why Don't You Protect from Melee? Well, you can just back up as soon as it can hit in melee range as you see it coming. You are also safe if The Nightmare isn't facing you -- essentially, you can mitigate melee damage with solid positioning.Here's the best way to spot the distinctive attacks and how to prevent themHusks are basically small variations of this Nightmare that deal melee damage to buy rs3 gold the nearest player. These suspend the player until destroyed, being attacked in place, and spawn at random.



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