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    The perpetrators need to be punished, otherwise they'll keep doing it. A message needs to be sent that violence is unacceptable & won't be tolerated.

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  • Created By: Sonyc Powerrade
  • Posted: December 17, 2011
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Twenty-two-year-old Franca Ogbu has spent the past year in a hospital bed, after falling victim to an acid attack while studying at Federal University of Technology that left her in extreme pain and deeply disfigured. She has undergone 11 surgeries and needs 13 more -- meanwhile, the perpetrator of this horrific assault remains out on the streets.

Fellow student Chibuzor Bright Nkire was promptly expelled, along with a group of accomplices, for pouring acid on Franca because she refused to date him. However, nobody has been prosecuted for this vile crime yet.

Out of every five women or girls in Nigeria one must have encountered or suffer violence from the hand of the opposite sex in her lifetime. A lot of these women and girls don't share their stories of abuse with others and continue to suffer in silence. This menace of violence does not exclude Nigerian Higher Institution of learning. Many boys whenever their relationship with their girl friend turn sour they are always determined to punish the girl.

In addition to prosecuting the persons responsible for this appalling crime, the Adamawa State and Nigerian government must pass legislation requiring stronger punishment for acid bath attacks without the option of a fine, as well as for other acts of violence against women and girls, and regulation of the sale of acid as a weapon. Join me and women in Nigeria in calling upon the Adawama Governor, the Inspector General of Police, and Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and the First Lady in demanding that justice be done for Franca.


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