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    Life Is An Intimate Walk With God By Nicky Hamid

    Life Is An Intimate Walk With God By Nicky HamidSeriously, lightworker, spiritual disciple, discoverer of truth, how much sacredness do you feel in your life?How much do you feel the depth of Divinity in yourself and in everything around you?Do you Know HOLY, can you feel it in everything that is within you and in every particle of the world around you?How often in a day do you consciously and quickly take the breath that connects you to God?To bow to the fathomless Beauty of PRESENCE that connects You to the Source of All That Is, your Oneness?How often do you truly surrender and invite the Light of Creation to flood through you?And how often do you feel the Profound Blessing, Honour, and Gratitude for God's Eternal Light and Love, within you and that envelopes you as YOU?How joyously grateful are you for the privilege of walking this Earth?How could you forget?I So Love You******************PS If there is something missing in your life, now in these times, it will be the Sacredness of your journey, the utter Preciousness of You Being YOU, and only you can make consciously the deeper connection with God, the Source of your Divinity and feel the Humble, Enormous Honour.Let the Light in and give Praise with all your Heart. I know you have heard it all before but do you do it?What I find a mystery is how wonderful it feels when I do it but how easily people avoid it and how difficult it is for so many to get round to it....Nicky Hamid ....Think about this.The more you ground, the more frequencies of Light you will be able to hold in your body.So many I talk to want to spend all their time in the "upper" chakras and meditate up and out of their body.Don’t get me wrong, meditation daily is highly beneficial.However, you came to connect with Gaia and bring "Heaven" to Earth through your own embodiment.Ground through your touch with Nature and get to know Your own energy in the body through being in your Heart and becoming totally at Home and anchored in your three lower energetic centres.Blessings dear friends.I So Love YouVideo - "I Am The Divine Self That I Am & That You Are ! By Matt Kahn"https://youtu.be/XRxfFAB6rxI...YOU WILL NOT FEEL SAFE UNTIL YOU CAN MAKE BELIEVE AND COME OUT AND PLAY BY NICKY HAMIDSomeone wrote to me that we need to get over the illusion that we are childlike and there are consequences in everything we do….."we must be more responsible"My following response also points to the resolution of pain and hurt for child trauma (cruelty, rape and suppression, and any circumstance that gives us UNSAFE)……..it is time to GET OVER IT.Though we have "adult" body's there are qualities of our experience of being a child which are very much a part of who we are when we are totally "at Home" with ourselves ("a HU man Be ing").We lose much of these aspects of ourselves thru gaining the "parent tapes" that run incessantly in our minds and perpetuate the feelings of Unsafe. These tape messages override our truth feeling.If we want to be happy we have to make the child in us that was hurt and afraid, and feeling worthless, "dirty" and sullied, to now feel and know that they (You) are Safe, totally loved and fully honoured for all that they are.In other words bring back every childlike quality (qualities that you bring with you having been so close and totally, consciously connected to Source, the Divine, God).The whole "scourge" of feeling "UNWORTHY and Unsafe" has to be Loved totally free from the belief systems and the memory of hurt about being the human victim.Being "responsible" is being "able to respond" to anything from all that you are. It is not being a "good girl or good boy" in anybody else's terms but your own.Why do we want to perpetuate the idea that children, don't know, and their perception can't be trusted? How much do we see children as irresponsible because we do not trust our own nature and the Truth of who we are.We are learning simply, truly, honestly to surrender to our preferences, our joy, our sense of "rightness " in everything we see, know and do?Just have fun reacquainting yourself with the YOU that you forgot that is so free and full of Life.I So Love You*************PS One of the wonderful things about being childlike is "believing". People dig their heels in and just won't "believe" that you can let go and trust the Universe, Spirit, Self and that everything comes together so perfectly.We think that we need to do everything through our own effort, meanwhile we are confused and fearful and have little peace, joy, or magic.Children so easily just "believe" which comes from their Knowing. It is a "stronger, Honest "beIief" that is unencumbered by the logic of proof. It is the manifesting principle of "make believe" based on their ageless Knowledge and experience, and the power of pretend and imagination.I love my maturing childliness. It is so freeing to be Innocently Knowing. Far less taxing on the brain. Some will say that at my age it is simply senility, but I Know better.Video - "Pleiadian Broadcast May 2020" By Christine Day - https://youtu.be/pOSogB43Lzg...See More
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    MATTHEW'S MESSAGE via SUZY WARD - Coronavirus and Deep State: media, mind control, law of attraction, vibrations; Internet information; US President Trump; three messages from the virus

    Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, June 4, 2020June 4, 2020 by June 4, 2020Coronavirus and Deep State: media, mind control, law of attraction, vibrations; Internet information; US President Trump; three messages from the virusWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Especially in times of great upheaval such as now, please let whatever fills you with joy or inspiration or thankfulness be the beginning and ending of each day. The high vibrations of those sensations and visions do wonders for health in body, mind and spirit!Now then, our last message about this “pandemic” serves equally well today, but we shall be more explicit about why mainstream media are keeping the coronavirus “in your face,” so to say.This is the mind control part of the dark ones’ agenda, and they combine it with the universal law of attraction—they know the energy of thoughts and feelings brings back what matches them. The extent to which they are using that combination to deceive and manipulate the populace is mind-boggling.Their TV media repeatedly air films of patients with respirators so you will be fearful about contracting covid-19 and feel angry, scared and resentful about its adverse impact on your life and livelihood. The dark ones require the low vibrations of those negative reactions to sustain themselves and keep their “pandemic” going.Their medical experts claim that testing, mask-wearing and social distancing are essential; and that crowds gathering, not wearing masks, and businesses reopening too quickly are endangering you and your loved ones. In addition to keeping the populace on edge by reporting that some test results are incorrect or inconclusive, they tell you again and again that disregarding CDC guidelines makes it even more likely that another wave of the disease, which could be worse than the first, will hit in a few months.Those “experts” know that masks prevent normal inhalation and exhalation, normal respiratory functioning, and that weakens immune systems. Their “stay at home” mandate is creating stress, and stress also weakens immune systems. A populace with compromised immunity is very susceptible to illness, and that would result in more deaths—the second wave of covid-19. Like the false statistics that have been fed to you almost daily, deaths from any cause would be attributed to that disease or “a complication thereof.”You are told that the virus will continue its killing spree until the entire populace is vaccinated. The dark ones need the public’s positive response to a vaccine ending this “pandemic” so the energy of those thoughts and feelings will bring to fruition their mandatory vaccination plan.Originally, “experts” said that developing a vaccine would take at least two to three years. Maybe that wait time didn’t produce the fear energy that was expected or maybe the dark ones didn’t want to wait that long to annihilate you. Now, a few laboratories are being so successful in developing a vaccine that it might be available before the end of this year.Indeed it will be! Vaccines laden with a deadly amount of pathogens and the programmed microchips that also would be the inoculation were ready well before the coronavirus was released. All aspects of this “pandemic” agenda of the dark ones—let us call them Deep State, the term now commonly used—were meticulously planned years ago, after their attempts with SARS, avian flu and other laboratory-designed viruses failed to produce the pandemics that, like the coronavirus, were intended to kill billions.We add this vital point: Extraterrestrial scientists among you have greatly reduced the toxicity of that vaccine supply and erased the chips’ programming.Dear family, the awakening souls who are questioning official statements need to know about mind control/law of attraction efforts underway, but relatively few have advanced sufficiently in conscious awareness to believe in off-planet messengers. You can refer friends, family and acquaintances to the Internet, which has a treasure trove of accurate information from medical specialists and researchers about the nature of viruses and the principals behind this “pandemic.” Deep State operatives who control the Internet remove everything they can that exposes them and their diabolical activities, but they cannot suppress all of the truth that is coming to light.“I’ve never been a [US president] Trump supporter, but I found his comments surprising and encouraging. ‘Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back’ (he was referring to reopening businesses) and ‘Vaccine will be voluntary, not everyone will want it.’ Can Matthew please give us some insight here?”President Trump is aware of the truth about this “pandemic.” Knowing that one of its aims is economic ruin of his country, he is acting to prevent that and derail the sinister plan for mandatory vaccination globally. He also is aware that Deep State operatives instigated the rioting and looting in what began as peaceful protests in his country.While he could have handled these situations more skillfully and wisely, he cannot speak about his knowledge or act more forthrightly without jeopardizing what is happening behind the scenes. All dominoes in the prosecution process are being lined up so those who are responsible for covid-19 and many other crimes against humanity can be arrested and face judicial punishment.The “pandemic” is the latest step in the march for global control by the Deep State, and by going against that force, President Trump has made formidable enemies. Not only the individuals at the top of the alphabet agencies of the medical establishment like AMA, FDA, NIH and CDC; World Health Organization; Big Pharma; and medical equipment and supply manufacturers, but all their cohorts around the world that have been controlling life on Earth.The president’s allies—the others in the international group of influential individuals whose efforts to end darkness in its entirety are undergirded by light—are more powerful.Now we present a very different perspective of the coronavirus from what mainstream media are conditioning the society to believe. I asked my mother to copy the message she received from the virus.May 12, 2020Yes, Suzanne, I asked you to talk with me. Of course it’s possible. Everything is energy; energy is consciousness.You think of me often, but never with fear and always with accuracy insofar as what information about me is deceptive by intention or by ignorance.I am like other viruses, just part of life on Planet Earth, ubiquitous, and we have functions that have nothing at all to do with sickness. It’s by adding pathogens to us in laboratories that we become contagious and spread diseases that are not our true nature.Yes, deaths have happened by malignant intention and many are not due to what scientists mutated us into. Fear and death are their two objectives—both emit low vibrations that dark ones feed on.The evil of those who are deceiving everyone will be undone soon. This time Earth’s people are waking up. Matthew is helping, but it’s the brave medical specialists and respected researchers that people will believe. Telepathic communication isn’t understood yet—that will come, but still a virus speaking to a person is beyond the belief potential of most.Thank you, Suzanne, for taking my message. Do you have a question you’d like to ask?Thank you. Are you aware of deaths worldwide and precautions countries are taking to protect their citizens?Oh yes, of course we are.Are governments being sensible in what they’re doing, masks and “social distancing”?They think they are, but we see the masks as counterproductive.Do you know when the disease they’re calling covid-19 will end?No, not in your time concept, but the current infections will end. You know the “mad scientists” can start another wave.Yes. But will they be “caught” before they can do that and can develop vaccines in quantity to require vaccinations worldwide and put programmed microchips in them?We understand that what you can call “divine intervention” will not permit that [microchipping] to happen.What is your source of that information?The originator of all life forms in this universe.That’s the best source!Yes. Evil has been ruling the planet too long. It’s being stopped.Thank you for talking with me. Do you have a name?We don’t like the name given us by the evil minds, the coronavirus. It’s not necessary that you call us anything.Okay. Are you speaking as an individual virus or for the countless other viruses?I’m speaking on behalf of all of us.Thank you. I’ll share this with people who can understand.Matthew understands and knows what I told you is true.Yes, I agree. Many scientists know, too.Yes, and they are the ones speaking out. They are the ones people on the planet will listen to. That’s what will be the downfall of the evil minds who are misrepresenting us as deadly. It is those minds that are being deadly to the people.Thank you for talking with me.Thank you for taking my message.A virus transmitting a message is highly unusual, to be sure, but not unique. Two others with whom the virus communicated wrote to my mother about their experiences.The following is from a highly-evolved soul, a retired professor of biology, whom I know well in this lifetime and others. He and his wife are opening energy portals at sacred sites in South America and establishing a university program for indigenous communities.“I was sitting in Sao Paul airport waiting for my plane to go to NY and seeing that the virus threat is in the minds and emotions of many, but not all the travelers. I started wondering why are we feeding the virus with our fears, or where is and what is fear?“In some way, I could put aside the fears because we the people of light are mobilizing whatever we can to invite peace and compassion for us and for everybody else, love being the strongest element.“I started pondering about the ‘poor’ virus that got stuck in a strange process. Putting aside the usual judgmental reaction to the trouble, I almost had a compassion for ‘it.’“In a kind of silence-less silence I began to perceive, or to be in the presence of the coronavirus. It was not like you are in contact with a person or individual or entity, but with a dimensional reality unit, or something that you can feel or something you are with.“I felt like an undefined compassion and love for ‘that reality’ that was with me, or I was in contact with it. In its essence, it certainly was not ‘evil.’ Our ‘communication and contact’ came soon. It was a sense, a feeling, an awareness that was not from a defined being but from a perceivable ‘defined reality.’“The perceptible reality with ‘whom’ I was together, or with a piece of existence that we were sharing, was creating or ‘painting’ a communication that is a togetherness and not an apartness. In my mind or in my heart-mind reality was a written something that was filling my-our existence. The piece of the awareness unit came from the coronavirus:“We are not good or bad. We are neutral because we are good-bad. It is the people that make us good and bad and with that they are defining us and our existence.“My perception of ‘it’ was like a field of white light, like a soft fabric, like a gentle white towel, really undefined in its communication, reminding of sharing a reality.“The coronavirus reality occasionally still ‘appears’ to me as if asking for understanding, help and confirming ‘friendship’ on some other dimension. I think its essence is deeply connected to the ‘total’ manifestation of life, nature and humanity. It is a server to the human life and to the ‘beyond life.’ To remember, biologically a virus can be life and can be no-life.“I am still pondering about this encounter and trying to help ‘it’ and us to neutralize the unwilling impact ‘it’ generates. Inviting ‘it’ and urging ‘it’ to become neutral.”Another radiant soul, a gardener whose loving interaction with plants produces amazing crops and flowers, described her experience:“The first truth I heard was that it was created with ill intent by the Illuminati in this country [the United States] and then taken over to China. And early on its journey, all of our light and help from the Galactic Federation joined the virus and changed its trajectory from a lethal weapon meant to kill billions to, instead, a means to wake up the entire planet through a dismantling and reset process. And the virus has gone home having evolved in the process.”Beloved family, be fearless and optimistic during this time of commotion and confusion. A peaceful, beauteous, healthy world is rising from the ashes of long ages of darkness. The world you are helping to manifest in your time is flourishing in the continuum—you and the light already are victorious.___________________LOVE and PEACESuzanne WardSee More
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       NEW WORLD   An Earth that's new arises,   A world of new horizons!    Mankind opens its heart   To the Universe where beauty starts;   Mankind opens its mind   To psychic powers and all kinds   Of other-worldly phenomena.   Only beauty there will be   In a world that's kind and free,   In a cosmic garden of union   Where galactic flower communion   Saturates space with fragrance sweet   And food of love's a delicious treat.   New the people who walk the Path   To Silence, Bliss and Living Math:   Sacred geometry's the light   Of Love's Fibonacci flight   Of Solar Knights.   [John Mark Nicholls, 5th June 2020]See More